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By John Hooper

This was written for a documentary film featuring residents of an inner-city hostel.  None of the residents had ever spent any time away from the city, so this film recorded them experiencing the countryside (and its animals) for the first time.  Therefore, the themes are pastoral, gentle and slowish. (Mostly, the animals were cows.)

This is a short-stretch piece, playable by all.  There are some barrés, but these are brief, and are without stretches.  The longest potential stretch is in bars 38/39 and its repeat in bars 45/46.  I have marked the LH fingering in bar 38 with a 2 on the F#, which shifts to a 3 on the F# in bar 39.  This allows even small hands to play the notes.  If you can stretch, it is more elegant to play the F# with a 3 in both bars.

The accents are meant to be fairly weak as accents go.  But, as ever, you, the performer, know best.

I have a suggestion for the change from bar 50 to bar 51.  The 4th finger making the B on the first string can be slid down to make a kind of falling effect.  And a good amount of rubato throughout will not go amiss.

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