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Classical Banjo

Hand Made Pure Gut Strings

A set of the very finest classical/clawhammer banjo strings

Includes a silver plated copper on nylon 4th string

Many  banjoists much preferred the unique tone given by gut strings. The problem was that untreated gut is very susceptible to moisture and soon begins to fray. Using the very latest in modern technology this has been cured, our strings are treated with a hard-wearing moisture repellent which in no way affects the tone. Apart from the silver plated 4th, these strings are all pure gut and generate a truly wonderful tone. Before fitting your strings please ensure the nut and bridge are free from sharp edges. The nut grooves should not be too deep and they should be perfectly smooth. Our gut strings will repel the moisture in your fingers. Many years of research have gone into these hand made strings and we firmly believe they are the best money can buy.

The 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 5th strings are all moisture resistant pure gut. We experimented with a silver wound on gut string for the 4th but the cost was ridiculous, one string would cost more than the entire set. So we went back to the drawing board and came up with a 4th string which gives a brilliant tone and lasts for a considerable amount of time.

If you take your banjo playing seriously and seek the best possible tone, then these are the strings for you.

These strings are 3' 3" (1 meter) long, they are not suitable for long neck banjos or for banjos with an extended peghead. Please check that they will fit your instrument, before ordering.

Postage To UK Destinations : £1.00 (for any amount)

Postage to destinations outside the UK: £5.00 (for any amount)

Purchase 3 sets for a 10% discount: £33.75. If you do not require 3 sets check 'No Thanks' in the options box below



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Best strings tried to date. Clean, powerful sound with great attack and nice feel under the fingers.


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Best Gut Strings Available Today
"I have used gut strings on lutes, guitars, banjos, and ukuleles for many years for the sole reason that gut sounds better than any alternative. However, as many people who have tried gut strings will know, they do not have a good shelf life, either breaking or shredding soon after putting them on. With this in mind I have been working with Clifford Essex to develop suitable high-quality gut strings which are moisture resistant. I think we have created the best gut string on the market, and I am proud to be associated with Clifford Essex Music Company. These strings have superb musical qualities, are easy to put on, stay in tune much more readily than nylon, and last longer than other gut strings. The gauges have been carefully chosen to match the instruments. I spend many hours trying to produce the best tone I can out of my instruments. These strings allow me to concentrate on making music."
Mar 04 2010, 09:24 AMby Rob MacKillop

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