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HEAVY GAUGE. 11 - 26. WOUND 3RD & 4TH.
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HEAVY GAUGE. 11 - 26. WOUND 3RD & 4TH.

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The Home of the Banjo, Mandolin, Guitar and Kindred Instruments

Heavy Gauge

Banjo (22 Frets) 5 Strings. Tuned g. C. G. B. D. or g. D. G. B. D.

1st  .011" Plain Steel Loop or Ball-End.

2nd  .014" Plain Steel Loop or Ball-End.

3rd  .020" Nickel or Phosphor Round Wound Loop or Ball-End.

4th  .026" Nickel or Phosphor Round Wound Loop or Ball-End. 

5th .011" Plain Steel Loop-End.

Do you read BMG?

Postage to UK Destinations : FREE   

Elsewhere: £5.00 (Airmail) for any amount of strings
Purchase 3 sets for a 10% discount: £18.90. If you do not require 3 sets check 'No Thanks' in the options box below 

Phosphor bronze wound strings produce a bright tone, nickel wound strings produce a more mellow tone. Please indicate in the options box below if you would prefer nickel or phosphor wound, loop or ball-ends.


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