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A beautiful mahogany banjo at an affordable price. We do not make banjo hoops with plywood (these days called advanced multiply rims, but it remains plywood), our hoops are block built by our craftsmen from solid well seasoned wood. We do not favour the brash, metalic tone produced by brass tone rings, instead we integrate a wooden tone ring, in this case American iron wood which produces a wonderful big woody banjo tone. Mahogany neck, geared tuners, ebony fingerboard and Remo head. This instrument is ideally suited for most styles, including clawhammer and we can adapt it for the classical style.

If you are buying a banjo with a view to playing classical style be sure to tell us. The classical banjo is strung with nylon or gut strings, most banjo tailpieces will cut through the strings. So we would need to fit the correct strings and a suitable tailpiece. We set this banjo up with steel strings for the other styles unless we are told otherwise.

We have kept this instrument of simple appearance with plain mother of pearl position dots. Adding a lot of ornate mother of pearl shapes only pushes prices up and does nothing to enhance the instrument's tone.


See and hear the Clifford Essex Classic:

This 'Clifford Essex Classic' comes complete with a plush lined hard case

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Price: £750.00

Product Code: CECLASSIC
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"After searching high and low for a banjo for my needs, which is not made in China, and it sounds like a banjo, I went to many a shop and spent a lot of hours researching the internet, then a friend recommended Clifford Essex banjo so after a bit research I decided to visit one one of their workshops to see for myself. Was absolutely fantastic everything is put together by hand which takes about 2/3 months to make, and the quality and the sound is second to none even though they are a little more expensive you get the best that money can buy, which will last a lifetime so to me best investment I made on a banjo.. John Ives Brighton"
Dec 01 2013, 13:37 PMby John Ives

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